Sunday, 28 November 2010


Hello All,

Sorry for the long absence but things have not been so great for me and unfortunately I have not felt like crafting . Tragically my Uncle was killed in a car crash and this has been a terrible shock to me.

I hope that I will feel like updating my blog in the near future.

Take care and look after those that are dear to you.

Mel x


nicolet said...

Wow, how much Mel! Lots of strength in the near future!
Hugs Nicolet

Lynsey said...

Hi Mel, sorry to hear your bad news. Hope that you are ok and will come back to crafting and blogging soon.
Take care
Hugs Lynsey x

pickle said...

Hi Mel, I am so sorry to hear your heartbreaking news. Sending you comforting (((HUGS)) and hope to see you in blogland soon
Kerry x